Our various Searchspring API endpoints let you integrate our advanced Site Search capability, Product Merchandising, Insights and Reporting Suite, and Personalization suite onto your storefront!

Click the following image to review a recording that introduces our API reference and the browser tools to be used to test each of the following sections are functioning as expected:

Before going through the following articles ensure you have all relevant account siteId(s) on hand. You will need the siteId in order to begin requesting data from our API. You can find your accounts siteId by logging into the Searchspring Management Console and navigating to the My Account page.

Below is a listing of the possible features you can integrate strictly using our API along with mandatory cookies that will need to be set in the browser to allow the functionality we provide to work as expected.

This is a list of cookies we require to be set as the data stored will be used in our API to allow the reporting suite and personalization (if on plan) features to function properly.

An Autocomplete Module is used to perform a preliminary search that displays a preview of results and list of suggestions to the shopper before a search is submitted on the site.

autocomplete module example

Result Pages

Search results is what we are known for, however, we also offer the ability to integrate results on Category pages as well as support Content search functionality!


If you are not signed up for Content search and are interested in this feature, please reach out to your Searchspring Point of Contact(POC) for more information as this will require a separate Searchspring account and data setup.

In the following documents we will go over all that is needed from our Search API endpoint to build your own search, category, and blog search result pages with filtering, sort, pagination and more on your site.

search results example

IntelliSuggest Tracking is the base line functionality that allows our reporting system to gather metrics to help your team make informed merchandising decisions for the site. This also serves as a prerequisite for Personalized Recommendations and Personalized Search & Merchandising.

Product Merchandising in Searchspring is handled using our Visual Merhcandiser tool. Merchandising campaigns function to influence how the Autocomplete or Search API would naturally return results.

product merchandising

Searchspring’s Personalized Recommendations helps you to deliver intuitive shopping experiences, and skyrocket conversions. The recommended products are typically displayed within a carousel throughout the site. Some key areas are the Home Page, Category Pages, Cart Page, No Results Page, Product Page, or within a slideout cart.

personalized recommendation example

Product Finders are a tool to help your shoppers quickly find the products they are looking for - think of it as a way to easily navigate into a more narrow, filtered Product Results set. Commonly implemented as a set of Attribute drop-down selectors, these Finders can exist on your Home Page, globally across the Header of your website, or even on a single Category Page or Landing Page.

Finder Module examples
finder module example 1

finder module example 2

Email and SMS Recommendations is also a possible feature to be installed on your site where Searchspring is integrated via a custom build that queries our API directly, however, it is not accessible from the API. Please reach out to your POC for more information about this feature.